Congress urged to study, provide recommendations to strengthen Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022

Siquijor Representative Rav Rocamora today filed House Resolution No. 850 urging the House of Representatives to study and provide recommendations to the government’s Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022. The 6-year plan prepared by the National Economic and Development Authority serves as the country’s economic roadmap for the next six years and serves to detail the development strategy of the current administration.

Rocamora said that recommendations from members of Congress should be taken into consideration by NEDA in order to harmonize Congress’ legislative priorities with the overall economic priorities of the country.

“Sure, members of Congress sit in the regional development councils and help provide inputs to the regional development plans which are harmonized to create the PDPs. But it is still prudent for Congress to see the plan in its entirety and view it in a holistic manner,” Rocamora said.

“Congress’ power of the purse, of passing the national budget, will be greatly aided if we are given a longer term view of how expenditures and allocations will figure in the bigger picture,” Rocamora stressed.

Rocamora pointed out that Congress can help in improving passing key legislation which will be crucial in the accomplishing the goals of the development plan.

“There are a number of bills that are in the legislative proposals of the PDP 2017-2022. Among them are the Freedom of Information Bill, The Grassroots Participatory Budgeting, Extractive Industries Transparency, Coco Levy Trust Fund, Codification of the Criminal Code, and Tax Reform which I support. These bills are necessary to achieve the development goals that are identified by the PDP 2017-2022,” Rocamora said.

On a less serious note, Rocamora said in jest, “after talking about death (penalty) for the past months, it’s time we talk about life. Livelihood that is.”

Under Section 9, Article XII of the 1987 constitution, the country’s economic and planning agency is mandated to recommend to Congress its’ national development plans and policies. The current PDP serves as the Duterte administration’s economic roadmap for the next 6 years.


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