Alleged De Lima sex video as evidence: little to no value, risks eroding Congress’ credibility – Rocamora

Siquijor Representative Ramon “Rav” Rocamora expressed unease with presenting the alleged sex video of Senator Leila de Lima. Rocamora said that the sex video has nothing to do with the investigation and will only erode the public’s respect for Congress.

“I don’t see any merit in showing this trash as evidence. If the video will just show De Lima having sex with her driver, what does it have to do with the investigation? How will it establish her ties with the drug lords? We should just focus on our job and look into actual credible witnesses and evidences,” Rocamora said.

“What is to be gained from this anyway? In the search for truth, we shouldn’t be reckless. This will only erode the respect for Congress,” he added.

We’re supposed to be legislators, not hormonal teenagers

“If anything, this will only confirm the perception of many Filipinos that congressmen are not only gender insensitive but sexist. I don’t believe that to be true, but it would be hard telling that to ordinary people, especially a woman, if we do something like this,” Rocamora said.

“Showing this video will leave a bad taste in the mouth and just makes us look like a group of teenagers insecure with our sexuality,” Rocamora added.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has threatened that he will show a purported sex video involving the beleaguered senator at the next House committee inquiry into her alleged connection to drug lords when she was the justice secretary.

Rocamora is a member of the House of Representatives Committee on Justice. He is a former public prosecutor having served for more than two decades.


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